Crasstalk Character Series

Under the indie title, I wrote a series of posts from the perspectives of my characters on the blog, Crasstalk. Click below to gain perspective into the minds of these dynamic “people”.

Alpa Deva – A Straight Coming Out Story
Anand Suresh – We all Spoke English, just not the Same Language
Audrey Girard – How to Start a Conversation, American vs France
Lakshmi Deva – Pacing Oneself was not an Immigrant Option
Pooja Deva – The Narrative of Marriage
Deepa Deva – Implicit Outings on Facebook

The transition from indie to traditional publishing

Three years ago, I wrote the first draft of my indie publication, The Circumstance of Marriage. I self-published the novel on 22 April 2014; less than two weeks of the novel being available for purchase, I signed the manuscript over to Bedazzled Ink Publishing. The novel will have significant rewrites from the indie version, and will be released under the name The Paths of Marriage in the Fall of 2014. Below is the original post from the indie novel website explaining the transition.

Original Post:

After less than two weeks on the market as an indie publication, I have signed The Circumstance of Marriage to a Bay Area traditional publishing house called Bedazzled Ink Publishing under their BInk imprint. Bedazzled focuses exclusively on books with strong female protagonists. They’re as excited as I am for this partnership, and have fast tracked publication for the summer/fall of 2014.

We’ve decided to do some rewrites to second half of the book, give it a (hopefully just slightly) different title, as well as a new cover. In this way, the new book can be released as a first edition so it qualifies for literary awards and major reviews. Unfortunately this means that The Circumstance of Marriage in its current form will soon be off the market, but the dialogue will only continue to strengthen, and I encourage everyone to keep spreading the word until and beyond the new release date.

Of course, the literary and publishing worlds are incredibly competitive. Even so, I am so confident in the potential of this book. With a new platform to traditional worldwide distribution and recognition in print and as eBooks, this story has made a huge leap forward in bringing about the positive change I had hoped it would make when I starting writing the first draft three years ago.

For those who have purchased copies of the indie publication, The Circumstance of Marriage, please keep in touch. I will do what I can do make sure you get a copy of the new title.

Online content will be migrated as needed over the next few months without any breaks or misdirects. Please keep checking in on The Circumstance of Marriage social media and websites for updates.

Thank you all so much for your support! This is just the beginning of an incredible journey.